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What is user interface design?

Добавлено: 05 мар 2022, 10:30
User interface designers are responsible for designing the product layout and all visual elements of the user interface, including colors, fonts, icons, buttons, and more. The design of the user interface is strictly communicated by the placement of the brand in the overall product. Designers need to find the right balance between usability and consistent representation of the brand identity created by the marketing or creative team. As a result, user interface design is closely related to graphic design.
User interface (UI) design is a process used by designers to create interfaces in software, such as computer devices, that focus on appearance or style. Designers want the interfaces to be easy to use and user-friendly. User interface design covers graphical user interfaces and other forms - such as voice-controlled interfaces. UX design focuses on the interaction that the human user has in everyday products and services. The purpose of UX design is to make the use of these products and services, both digital and physical, easy, logical, and fun. For more details visit here:-ui ux design course in pune